Donate Your Jeans - You can see the denim origin on the label.
Traceable system is paused at the moment.
Please contact us If you want to donate your pairs of jeans
(We are looking for your help to build traceable system)
*You can watch the concept of traceable system below*

Check your label and track the Denim story

Each bag is traceable with a map. Ba-G code will allow you to see the original jean.Track the denim source with Ba-G code on your label and check your denim bag’s denim journey!

Donate the Denim

We are collecting the best quality denim from individuals and denim contributions from companies and manufacturers.

Recycled Denim

We are designing the denim bags not only from recycled jeans from individual, organisational contribution but also from the collaboration with other brands who can co-operate with us to try our best to avoid denim disposal in the world.

Upcycling Process

We will choose and sort the best quality jeans to make denim bags! Upcycling process needs washing, sorting, dismantling, reconstructed, recreated and we are using pattern making and zero waste principles.

You are contributing to the environment and sustainable fashion system.

Each every consumer and donor can contribute to the denim circulation and protect the environment.

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