We Care About The Environment And People.

Cheong Ba-G found ways to upcycle and re-use recycled jeans using zero waste principles to make highly functional and beautiful trendy bags. It allows consumers to trace the used materials with a digital tracking system, along with Ba-G code on a label by encouraging consumers and community to be more aware of how upcycling can lower the environmental footprint of the product. The name Cheong means clean blue denim in Korean and Cheong Ba Ji means jeans. The final design with pattern pieces cut from a pair of specific size jeans fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle so that nothing was wasted.


In 2017, a fashion designer Eunji was looking for a practical, upcycled, zero-wasted and robust, sustainable denim bag to hold her creative work. In 2009, After majoring in business administration, Eunji worked in an IT company and was also a junior teacher in Korea before going to Ireland to study fashion in Dublin in 2015, and she decided to move to New Zealand. The name Cheong means clean, blue, denim in Korean. Cheong Ba ji also means jeans in Korean, so she named her brand Cheong Ba-G. She was designing the upcycled denim clothing in her class at first at Waikato Institute of Technology in 2016 after studying In Ireland. The project name was ‘Contribusor’, which is a combination word of ‘Contributor’ and ‘Consumer’ for environment and people. However, her financial problem stops her from continuing the course, and she started to focus on developing upcycled denim bag designs in her flat.


The upcycled denim bag was inspired by New Zealand beautiful nature and sustainable resource to enjoy with community people by reducing the gap between people (to connect denim donors and end-users) and raw materials (waste) through a zero-waste goal. Well-constructed denim backpacks are made by a whole pair of recycled jean which was unwanted one by the community, friends, second-hand shops. This is how the first Cheong Ba-G bag took shape in the living room of her shared flat – each one recycled, each one unique. Her flatmate was her first consumer, and the designed denim bags were patented.


With her innovation, she could have a chance to collaborate with IT students with her traceable denim bag ideas, which can track the denim source through the Cheong Ba-G app in 2019. Also, she changed the project name to ‘Contrisumer’, which is a combination word of ‘Contributor’ and ‘Consumer’ for the environment and people. Every Cheong Ba-G bag features denim origin and Ba-G code that linked to the traceable system. The bag owner can track the denim source on a map and discover the story behind it. The app also has the potential to connect the donor and end-user.


With the Awards in NZ & Internatioanl

Cheong Ba-G design was recognized by the IDA International design awards in Bag-Accessory category as ‘Silver’ Winner in 2020 and 2020 DINZ Best design awards Product design ‘Bronz’ winner and 2020 NZ ECC Craft/Design Awards ‘Highly Commended Awards ‘ winner in fashion design In 2020, The application and bags were exhibited in ‘Smart Space’ by Hamilton City Council and ‘The Dowse Art Museum’ in New Zealand. Combination with virtual pattern making technology is allowing the combination of innovation and construction for upcycled jean design solutions.
Now the traceable system has been upgraded as the consumer and community can see the denim origin with the map on labelling directly, and the Ba-G codes are allowing to see the journey of one pair of jeans goes through with the traceable system on the website. Individual and organization and corporate can join as contributors and we allow the traceability of upcycled denim bag process from donating to products which means 100% traceable denim bag products as an upcycled product.
Cheong Ba-G wants to let people know that upcycling is an important thing to do nowadays and that it is
possible to enjoy fashion and protect the environment. We sees upcycled denim as a potential tool for communicating with people and encouraging sustainable living through a workshop- where people can make upcycled denim grocery bags from 2018 till now.



Cheong Ba-G had gap years between 2022 - 2023 as the owner was working in the Christian TV Station Hope Channel NZ as a Video Editor. However, Cheong Ba-G LIMITED became a winner of 2022 IF Design Awards as Lord helped, Now, We are trying to share our skill in workshop as well with the community much closely with people.

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