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  • Traceable Denim – You can track the Denim Source

    Check your label and track the Denim story Each bag has traceable label with a map. Ba-G code will allow you to see the original jean. Track the denim source with Ba-G code on your label and check your denim bag’s denim journey. Track the denim source Donate the Denim We are collecting the best …

  • Portable upcycled denim backpack for all ages!

      Let’s take our sustainable denim bags this year to the camping site and share your denim story with people! Search your denim bag from this website Cheong Ba-G (Click)

  • Why New Zealand is a great country for Upcycled denim

    New Zealand is a great county for caring about nature and people. Here has many amazing sceneries, landscapes, and also many sheep and cows. However, when natures are overwhelming people, Kiwis are not longing for a luxurious life or materialism anymore. It affects the consumer’s behaviour and fashion trend in New Zealand. Kiwi loves to …

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